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Healthy Hair Starts Here

Experiencing hair loss can be challenging, but you're not alone in this journey.

Our Hair Restoration line is specially designed to address a wide range of hair concerns. Whether you're facing pattern baldness, age-related thinning, or more advanced stages of hair loss, we offer effective solutions to meet your needs. Our innovative treatments are rooted in scientific research, combining potent ingredients known for their hair regrowth and hair health properties. From enhancing hair density and thickness to stimulating hair follicles and protecting them from damage, our products are tailored to provide comprehensive care for your hair.

Our approach is holistic, recognizing that hair loss can be a complex issue influenced by various factors, including hormonal imbalances, inflammation, and environmental stressors. By addressing these underlying causes, we not only help in managing current hair loss but also work towards preventing future hair thinning. Embrace our Hair Restoration Solutions and discover a path to fuller, healthier hair, restoring not just your hair but also your confidence.

Bottle of Liquid Soap

Hair Restore MML Scalp Solution

(Minoxidil / Melatonin / Latanoprost)

3/0.2/0.01% 60 mL

Best suited for individuals with pattern hair loss, looking for an advanced treatment to enhance hair density and growth.


A unique combination that targets multiple aspects of hair loss, offering a comprehensive approach to hair restoration.


Minoxidil 3%: Stimulates hair follicles and promotes regrowth.

Melatonin 0.2%: Antioxidant properties protect hair follicles and can stimulate growth.

Latanoprost 0.01%: Traditionally used in glaucoma treatment, it has shown potential in promoting hair density and thickness.

Hair Restore Ultra Scalp Solution

(Minoxidil / Azelaic Acid / Finasteride / Ketoconazole)

5/12.5/0.1/2% 60 mL

Ideal for individuals with advanced stages of hair loss seeking an aggressive treatment approach.


This potent formulation provides a multi-faceted approach to treating hair loss, addressing hormonal factors, inflammation, and scalp health.


Minoxidil 5%: Promotes hair growth and slows hair loss.

Azelaic Acid 12.5%: Combats inflammation and may block DHT.

Finasteride 0.1%: A proven DHT inhibitor, effective in treating pattern baldness.

Ketoconazole 2%: Provides anti-fungal benefits and can reduce scalp irritation.

Cosmetic Bottle
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