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Melasma Solutions

Manage Your Melasma

Melasma can be challenging, but our tailored Melasma Management solutions are here to help. These products are specifically designed to reduce hyperpigmentation, balance skin tone, and restore your skin's natural radiance. Take control of melasma and rediscover the confidence that comes with even-toned skin.


Melasma TA Gel
(Niacinamide / Tranexamic Acid / Tretinoin) 4/4/0.03% 30 mL

Melasma Renewal Gel

Melasma TA Gel is designed to combat melasma, offering skin tone correction and rejuvenation.



Addresses melasma with a multi-faceted approach.

Promotes skin renewal and reduces pigmentation.

Enhances overall skin texture and tone.


How and When to Use:

Apply a small amount to the affected area once daily in the evening. The inclusion of Tretinoin makes this a potent treatment, so it's advisable to start slowly to gauge skin tolerance.



Niacinamide: Strengthens the skin and reduces inflammation.

Tranexamic Acid: Effectively reduces hyperpigmentation.

Tretinoin: Accelerates skin cell turnover, helping to diminish melasma and signs of aging.


Complementary Products:

Melasma NT Cream: For a comprehensive approach to treating melasma.

Anti-Aging Ultra Cream: Provides additional moisture and anti-aging benefits.



The NT Cream enhances the pigment-reducing power of the TA Gel, while the Ultra Cream offers a rich, moisturizing complement to the skin-renewing effects of Tretinoin.

Melasma NT Cream

(Niacinamide / Tranexamic Acid) 5/3% 30 mL

Melasma Maintenance


Melasma NT Cream is designed to combat melasma, offering skin tone correction and rejuvenation.



Effectively reduces the appearance of melasma.

Improves skin brightness and evens out skin tone.

Strengthens the skin's barrier function.


How and When to Use:

Apply to the affected areas twice daily. Its formulation is effective yet gentle enough for regular use.



Niacinamide: Boosts skin health, reduces inflammation, and improves skin barrier.

Tranexamic Acid: Targets pigmentation, reducing the appearance of dark spots.


Complementary Products:

Melasma TA Gel: Offers a complementary approach to tackling pigmentation issues.

Hydrate Cream: Provides essential hydration, supporting the skin barrier.



The TA Gel enhances the pigmentation-reducing effects of the NT Cream, while Hydrate Cream ensures balanced hydration for skin treated with active ingredients.

Strokes of Cream
White Lotion

Melasma HQ 4.1/6.1/8.1 Cream
(Hydroquinone / Tretinoin / Kojic Acid / Hydrocortisone) Various Concentrations 30 mL

Melasma Corrector


Melasma HQ Creams are designed to combat melasma, offering skin tone correction and rejuvenation.



Significantly reduces the appearance of melasma and hyperpigmentation.

Promotes skin renewal and evens out skin tone.

Soothes skin and minimizes irritation.


How and When to Use:

Apply a thin layer to the affected areas at night. Gradual introduction is recommended due to the potency of the ingredients.



Hydroquinone: Lightens dark patches of skin by reducing melanin production.

Tretinoin: Stimulates cell turnover, improving skin texture.

Kojic Acid: Further aids in reducing hyperpigmentation.

Hydrocortisone: Soothes the skin, reducing potential irritation from active ingredients.


Complementary Products:

Anti-Aging Siro Gel: Enhances overall anti-aging effects and skin health.

Acne Sensitive Cream: Offers soothing and calming benefits for the skin.



The Siro Gel complements the Melasma Creams by providing additional anti-aging benefits, while the Acne Sensitive Cream offers gentle care for skin treated with potent ingredients.

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