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Meet Our Nurse Practitioners

Headshot of Tawni Peterson

Tawni Peterson

Tawni, our experienced Family Nurse Practitioner, is the cornerstone of our clinic. Specializing in weight loss, hormone optimization, and skin care, her approach seamlessly combines traditional medical techniques with alternative therapies, providing comprehensive care for a variety of patient health needs. Tawni's compassionate nature and deep commitment to well-being create a supportive environment for all patients. With her expertise in these specialized areas, our clinic prioritizes patients' health and delivers top-tier care.


Rio Peterson

Rio Peterson, a qualified Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner, plays a vital role in our clinic. Specializing in psychiatric care and mental health, Rio seamlessly combines traditional medical techniques with evidence-based therapies, ensuring comprehensive support for patients facing mental health challenges. Rio's empathetic and patient-centered approach creates a nurturing environment for individuals seeking mental health care. With expertise in this specialized field, our clinic prioritizes patients' emotional well-being and delivers top-notch psychiatric and mental health services.

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